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22 November 2013 @ 08:24 am
Blurbs from work  
I just got to work and Im so HAPPY that its Friday!  I think Norm and I might go to the movies tonight.  I want to see "Catching Fire" and "Thor 2" but Im not sure if they are both out.  Gonna have Norm cook too!  Eamon left on the 17th and I miss him so much I cant even put it into words.  Its like theres the time when hes here and then theres the time where Im waiting for him to come back.  Its sort of exhausting but its my life now.  Cait and EJ are both doing great though and they help me through the heartache just a bit.

A lot more activity at the Mist lately.

My computer crashed and I had to reset everything.  Now, I have none of my old settings, bookmarks, etc. and its all so weird.  I lost all the pictures I had on it and just a lot of things that Id saved.  At least it was fixable.  Now I can get back to my Sons of Anarchy marathon!